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Hello!  I am an English teacher at and a graduate student.  I am 36, I love traveling, and I was fortunate enough to live in Niigata, Japan for three years.  I live in Seattle, Washington now.  I like to have friends from all over the world.  I was born in San Francisco, California, but I grew up in the mountains of Washington State.  I lived in Oregon when I was in high school and college.  I like cats a lot, Japanese things, dancing, creative writing, and karaoke (but I am a very BAD singer).  I speak some Japanese too, but not well!  I am not sure which is worse, my Japanese or my singing!

If you are Japanese, you can also check out my page on mixi:

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Hi! I’m from Argentina and I’m studying at university to become an english teacher as well! I found your page while looking for games for teaching english to children. I’d like to contact you so as to share our experiences. Me e-mail is, you can write to me or add me as a contact of msn. Look forward to hearing from you!

Comment by Maria Belen

Hi! I’m from Indonesia and I teach eglish to children under 12. I’d like to contact you so as to share our experience. e-mail me at

Comment by ikhwani

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