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Bionic Woman
October 4, 2007, 6:22 am
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The Fall TV Season started this week, and one of the new shows is “Bionic Woman,” which is a remake of the original TV show from the ’70’s. The new show basically uses the same plot, but it has been modernized. Jaime Sommers has a busy life, raising her teen sister and working. Her boyfriend has just proposed to her, and then she is in a horrible car accident. Her boyfriend Will is not just a doctor, but involved in a secret military project. He arranges for her to be involved in the project, where the limbs that she lost were replaced, as was her right eye. As a result of her bionic parts, she is super strong and athletic.

When I was in college, I worked in a restaurant. I was helping the waitress carry some food out to a table, and she stopped and said “Oh, my God, you’re Jaime Sommers!” She stood there gawking and holding the food.

Lindsay Wagner, who played the original Bionic Woman replied sweetly, “Well Jaime Sommers would like her food.”

Later on, I saw Lindsay Wagner in the hallway, and she and I exchanged a glance, as if to say “that girls was silly, wasn’t she?”

The new Bionic Woman is not targeted towards people who watched the original, but the younger generation who does not know it at all. To be honest, I barely remember the original.

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