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Reality TV
September 24, 2007, 12:28 am
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Reality Television is quite popular in the U.S. these days. Do you know Reality TV? It’s when people are put into real-life situation on TV. One of the first shows was the “REAL WORLD“, which was a show on MTV. The show producers selected the shows stars, and had them living together. Many shows have followed this formula. Force some strangers to live together and the drama will unfold really quickly.

Reality TV really took off after the popularity of “Survivor“. I was living in Japan at this time, and when I returned I didn’t know many of the shows. Reality TV stars had hit celebrity status and their faces were plastered all over the media. I had no idea about who they are. Who is Paris Hilton and why is she famous?? In case you don’t know Paris Hilton, she is a hotel heiress and starred in “theSimple Life” with Nicole Richie (daughter of singer Lionel Richie). The premise of the show was what happens when Hilton and Richie are taken out of Beverly Hills and forced to interact with everyday people. After this, Hilton became quite famous, and started modeling. No one knows exactly WHY she is famous, but there seems to be a strange fascination with her. Over the summer, she became quite infamous, after she was arrested for driving on a suspended driver’s license, and had to spend some time in jail for the offense.

I am not much into Reality TV myself, but there were a few shows I watched over the summer. The first show was “The Age of Love,” where a single, 30 year old, Australian tennis player had to choose between four American women in their 40’s and four women in their 20’s. Each week, women were eliminated until the final show when he took the last two to Australia and made his decision.

The show I have been watching now is “Gay, Straight or Taken” one women has three guys to choose from, and she finds out that one is gay, one is straight and taken, and one is straight and available. She has one day to figure out who is who. Whoever she chooses gets to go on a vacation. So the guys want her to pick them, and if she picks the wrong one, she gets nothing.

What do you think of Reality TV?

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