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July 28, 2007, 3:44 am
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Do you know what TGIF means?  It stands for Thank God It’s Friday!  We say this on Friday, it basically means: YES! THE WEEKEND’s about to start! 

As far as I can tell, this is purely an American expression.  There is even a restaurant called TGIFridays, I guess by going there, you are supposed to have fun.

TGIF to everyone!  What a week this has been!  How can it be August next week?

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‘TGIF’? Oh, I heard this word before…
We call it ‘Hana kin’ in Japanese.
‘Hana kin’ is the abbreviation of ‘hana no kinyoubi’, if you know what I mean…
Oh, I’ll give a supplementary explanation just in case.
A long time ago, there’s a program,
called ‘hana kin’on Fridays on Japanese TV.
I guess the meaning is just as the same as your country.

Thank you.

Comment by passerby

Thanks for the comment. I had not heard about “hanakin” before. That is a cute expression!

Comment by samsensei

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