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Harry Potter Mania
July 23, 2007, 2:29 am
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The last Harry Potter book was released this weekend.  People were waiting in long lines for the book.  I went past a Barnes & Noble bookstore on Friday, and the line of people went all the way around the store.  Some people pre-ordered the book from websites like, which guaranteed the book to be delivered by Saturday morning.  I know someone who did this, it came in a special box, which said “ATTENTION MUGGLES – DO NOT BEFORE JULY 21!” Do you know what a “muggles” are?  They are regular people, non-witches.   I thought this was cute. 

I have not read the books myself, but I have seen most of the movies.  The latest movie was released about 2 weeks ago.  I was in L.A. on that day, and was suprised to see the road closed off.  It turned out that it was because of the Harry Potter movie premier.  I could see a bit of the Harry Potter cast on the street.  There were many people, so all I really saw was the back of Daniel Radcliffe(who play Harry Potter)’s head!  I saw the movie a week later, and thought it was pretty good. 

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