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Hello world!
July 14, 2007, 1:44 am
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spaceneedle1.gifspaceneedle1.gifspaceneedle.gifThis is my first time blogging.  I will be coming to you everyday from Seattle, Washington. 

Do you know Seattle?  It is located in the Northwest corner of in the U.S.A. in Washington State, not to be confused with Washington, D.C., which is on the East coast.  Most people think of Micrsoft, Bill Gates, Boeing, Starbucks, and rain when they think of Seattle. 

We do have our fair share of rainy days in Seattle, our annual rainfall is not so much.  The summers make up for all the rainy days, Seattle is really fun in the summer.  We go from a dark, gray city where most people stay indoors to a sunny, bright place where it seems like everyone is enjoying the weather.

People from Japan know Seattle because of Ichiro, the Seattle Mariners baseball player.  We also have a football team, and a mens ‘and womens’ basketball team. 

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Hi, I’m yellow from Japan . I heard some about you from Yasuro through mixi that you were in Niigata for a while when you were in Japan, right? I’m from Niigata (now in Hiroshima )and it is very lucky for me to find you like this way. If you ok , I would like to come here sometimes ….

Comment by yellow


Thanks for the comment. It is nice to meet you!

It is lucky that you are not in Niigata now…I have never been to Hiroshima, but hope to someday!


Comment by samsensei

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